Unusual Ring Bearer Ideas

18th June 2019

Have you thought about whether your going to have a ring bearer for your big day?

Some people like to entrust the Best Man with the rings, others like to involve someone else in this wedding tradition. Typically, the Ring Bearer used to always be a young boy, maybe a relative or close friend’s child. They were tasked with the responsibility of carrying the wedding rings down the aisle behind the bride, but it’s becoming more and more popular to spice things up a little bit and have some more unusual ring bearers for your special day.

Dogs are a popular ring bearer option and a nice way for you to involve your furry friends in the wedding, of course this does depend on your venue…Dode is obviously welcoming to (almost) all animals, we are yet to have a request for elephants mind you! 

One animal that we have had the pleasure of meeting more than once is Ollie the Owl from @NuptuOwls who is a fully fledged, ring bearer professional. More often than not he is kept as a surprise for all of the guests, so when he swoops in with the rings, it’s a real WOW moment and something that guests will never forget. It’s also a great photo opportunity for you and your guests, who wouldn’t want a selfie with an owl!?

Vanessa and Alfonzo welcomed Ollie the Owl as their ring bearer and were over the moon with his performance…

“Ollie bearing the rings from the minstrel’ gallery was the piece de resistance! Who could resist such a ringbearer gliding down?

Our family and friends fell in love with Ollie and his friend and they couldn’t have been a more charming addition to our wedding party!”

We would love to hear about your unusual ring bearers at your big day or maybe you have plans for an unusual ring bearer and you’re planning your wedding, well at Dode we can help you turn those plans into a reality…