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26 December, 2018

Thanks to everyone who ‘braved the mud & puddles’ to attend our little Carol Concerts this month; without people, Dode would, once again, be very lonely although as each year passes this unthinkable possibility grows more & more remote. 

For a number of reasons the last couple of years have been difficult and at last years concert I felt unable to say very much (sorry but I made up for it this year ) and wrote a short note. A year on & it’s probably appropriate to set out an extract below.

The response was good and thanks to Kathryn & Paul we were able to keep Dode open longer on certain Sunday afternoons and the drumming & chanting sessions started so long ago by Amanda were reinstated by Richard. 

This year I would like, if possible, to build on this and I hope that we can do even better. A further offer of help was made at the concerts which we will be taking up when the Spring arrives but Dode can always use more help- any ideas?

Blessed Be


Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk