Thinking of a Halloween Wedding…?

15th October 2019

We love Halloween at Dode, but one thing we love more than Halloween is a Halloween Wedding. Dode, unsurprisingly lends itself to a Halloween theme and allows you to go wild with your Spooktacular ideas. Mind you, Halloween doesn’t have to mean orange pumpkins and all black everything. You could get in touch with your spiritual side, think potions, incense, crystals, taxidermy, you really have so many routes you could take. So we thought as Halloween is right round the corner we would share with you our favourite 10 ideas for a Halloween Wedding and don’t worry there won’t be too many pumpkins…

  1. Just because your getting married on Halloween doesn’t mean you have to wear a black dress (no need to go full-on witch!) Why not pair your dress with some black heels to give it that spooky, glam touch.
  2. Dramatic make-up can really add that WOW factor. Dark purple or wine lipstick work perfectly for an autumnal, Halloween look.
  3. Black plates or bowls or even gobblers can have a real impact on a classic table setting. Slightly spooky, but modern and minimalistic all at the same time.
  4. Dried flowers give you more of a gothic edgy feel in comparison to fresh ones.
  5. If you do want pumpkins (and lets face it, there is always a lot of them around at Halloween) why not do something useful with them. Maybe carve out your new married name in pumpkins or your wedding date – they’ll make the perfect photo accessories.
  6. A Halloween wedding means bye bye cocktail bar, hello potion lab. Guests could be able to make their own concoctions at the bar by selecting potion ingredients or maybe you already have some gruesome creations ready to serve…think dry ice and green colouring!
  7. Cakes don’t have to be white. Look at this gorgeous black floral cake…we think you’ll agree its hauntingly beautiful.
  8. Candlelight is a great way to set the atmosphere. Lots of wedding venues no longer allow candles, but at Dode we think the more the merrier or should that be scarier…
  9. This classic, gothic ceremony sign is real chic Halloween with it’s gold and black colour-way. A nice way for you to display your handfasting ceremonial words.
  10. And last but not least we have these fang-tastic cardholders for place settings. A fun, spooky touch that also make the ideal prop for the photobooth!!!

If you would like to find out more about how you can hold your very own Halloween ceremony and reception at The Lost Village of Dode, please do get in touch for available dates and prices or to book in a viewing.