Intimate Weddings

29th June 2021

We live in an ever-changing world, however recently there has been a rise in the number of small intimate weddings, not just because of Government restrictions, but because a couple chooses to surround themselves with their closest loved ones.

Just because a couple chose not to have 60 guests at their wedding does not mean they need to cut down on the celebration itself. Celebrations can be more personalised with invitations that are handmade and the guests getting the chance to speak with each other and take an active part in the day. 

A few advantages of a smaller wedding are;

  • Fewer guests mean less stress and a more relaxed atmosphere 
  • The overall cost is likely to be cheaper
  • You can spend money on your priorities
  • You can spend more individual time with loved ones
  • You can create a more intimate and personal day

At Dode we offer exclusive use of the Church in the heart of the Kent countryside, with one wedding held a day which means you will only be surrounded by your guests, there is no sharing of anything including the car park. Just space, tranquility and the Kent countryside to enjoy. The hill which surrounds and shelters the Church has been known as Holly Hill, and is approached by a narrow roadway that goes nowhere, its ancient name is Wrangling Lane.

Having fewer guests at your wedding allows you to spend more time with each of them, and consequently makes everyone more relaxed. Table plans if you decide to have one are simple where everyone can talk to each other. 

A wedding is about two people committing to each other for the rest of their lives, whatever the size of your wedding you don’t have to include the components of a ‘traditional’ wedding with a cake cutting or first dance. It really depends on what a couple feel comfortable with. Festival-style weddings with BBQs and informal dining are popular.

At Dode we can accommodate 42 guests for a civil ceremony or handfasting. The ancient place of worship is a licensed wedding venue, enabling you to get married in a quaint, lovingly preserved, medieval former church, however there is the option to book a non-religious civil ceremony, followed by a wedding reception in a church.

Wedding ideas for Dode;

  • Have a celebration Hand Fasting – provide a talking point for years to come and some of the most beautiful and unusual photo opportunities with an open-air “blessing” in our circle of stones.
  • Have an owl deliver your Wedding rings – it comes as a total surprise to your assembled guests as a beautiful barn owl swoops low over their heads to deliver the rings to the best man.  
  • Have caricatures made of your guests – give your guests a unique present of a caricature, something to always remind them of your special day.
  • Release a pair of doves – conclude your ceremony by releasing a pair of snow white doves in the grounds.
  • Fill Dode with bubbles – we can’t have confetti in the church because of the straw (although permitted outside), but we can fill the Church with bubbles as you leave as a married couple.
  • Vintage games – entertain your guests with a selection of nostalgic vintage games in our grounds for all to enjoy.

If you like the sound of an intimate wedding at The Lost Village of Dode Kent, please contact Becky – for more information and to book a viewing.

The Lost Village of Dode Team 🙂