Holly Barrow Columbarium at The Lost Village of Dode

24th March 2023

Completed in 2022, Carefully designed and constructed to blend in with the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which it is situated nestles a modern interpretation of the Neolithic Long Barrows that many centuries ago were a prominent feature in the Kent & Wiltshire Downs.

Situated within the grounds of an ancient sacred site, unique in the UK in that it is principally subterranean, and housing some four hundred double & single niches in which the ashes of loved ones can be safely Interred, Holly Barrow offers a very special place to remember those now departed.

The four, welcoming hand crafted granite lined chambers each contain some 70 double niches, the choice of which niche is most appropriate is yours and of course at each celebration of life and interment the Barrow, Church (if required) and grounds are closed to public access, they are exclusively yours for the ceremony.

The chambers are approached by a timeless passage way terminating in a candle lit chapel in which the final goodbyes may be said.

Sometimes we have a need to remember and reconnect – in the silence and solitude of the barrows intimate candlelit chambers this is possible. 

The interment of ashes works well alongside those looking to go via the Direct Cremation route which gives you more flexibility to have the celebration of your loved on how you would want it. For further advice or to speak to someone about direct cremation please contact https://directcremation.co.uk/