At a time of loss we often re-evaluate our lives, it is a natural process which is perhaps common to all mankind. Part of this process is to find our true place in the world — what we stand for — how we love and are loved — why indeed we exist.

At times such as this, continuity with the past, a sense of ‘belonging’ is important. The single thread that joins time present with time past becomes for a while clearer.

Many people have found this continuity with the past comforting particularly when encircled and protected by the ancient walls of this sacred place, a place which has seen every human emotion.

Within these four walls you become “at one” with the people who wept here 900 years ago, their feelings exactly the same as your own, you are part of a never-ending story, one that will be told in this place for generations to come — for Dode is more than a building it is a moulding together of the human spirit existing in time present, past and future.

In this beautiful valley overlooked by the ancient church and surrounding woodland your loved ones ashes may he scattered and memorial trees planted, a fitting tribute in a timeless place.

Memorials can be held on any day of the week in addition to which Dode is open on Sunday afternoons from Easter until the end of October for visits and “time for reflection”

An experienced and compassionate Celebrant will be available to liaise with you to create a unique and memorable ceremony.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a memorial service or visit to Dode. You can find out more about our celebrant ceremonies via our sister site 

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