Holly Henge

The stone circle at Dode evokes the spirituality of the centuries that have passed and the ancient beauty of worship on so many levels.

Therefore, within the circle it seems only right that some of the timeless rites of passage such as handfasting’s and wiccaning’s (baby naming’s) take place witnessed by the centuries of time that go beyond Dode and on to eternity.


The Handfasting ceremony has its roots on Ancient Celtic Tradition and dates back as far as 7,000BC.

Traditionally a handfasting involved a couple, holding hands which are bound by cords and declared that there is only one life between them; much in the same way as vows are made now. The couple would then exchange a gift, most commonly rings or a gold coin, broken in half; a token of their love and commitment.

Where better to continue this meaningful tradition that at Holly Henge, the stone circle of Dode. To declare the significance of your relationship and future journey together, witnessed by your guests and the centuries old stone that has seen so much of the history of our world.

Whilst normally following a simple traditional format, your Hand Fasting ceremony can be performed under the careful guidance of the Guardians of Dode, or personalised to you as a couple. This is a binding of your “hearts and souls” and the vows that are made express both individual frailties and united strengths in an ancient ceremony which far pre-dates marriage itself.

The ceremonies are led by our own celebrant Paul, or Dodes keeper, Doug.

Couples are welcome to bring their own celebrant if they wish.

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Baby Naming

As the world becomes less connected spiritually some important traditions are slowly fading from our lives.

Traditionally the first step in the “rite of passage,” marking major milestones in a person’s life, the naming of a child also brings together family and close friends who promise to support and protect the child though life.

Here at Dode we recognise the importance of this part of life for all concerned. Therefore, at Dode Church we not only offer a truly unique environment from which to perform the baby naming ceremony, but also a place that will become important in your child’s life, where they may return to acknowledge and celebrate the major milestones in their life.

Dode has been here for centuries. It will always be here for them.

The Guardians of Dode are able to perform the ceremony although we encourage all of those who will take responsibility in the child’s journey to become involved.


Memorial Services

At a time of loss, it is the most natural thing in the world to want to connect to the past and consider our true place in the world. Here, this is truly possible.

In this beautiful valley, overlooked by the centuries, Dode provides an unequalled place to celebrate the life of a loved one. Within this ancient place you cannot help but feel closer to the mother earth. Its warmth. Its history. Its complete sense of calm, respect and dignity will allow you to say farewell in peace and harmony.

Memorials can be held on any day of the week and at certain time of the year the grounds will be open for remembrance and reflection, to remember the significance of a life that touched yours. Here, you will always remember them because here, their spirit has been released into the care of Dode to be nurtured in this special place until the end of time.

An experienced Celebrant will be available to liaise with and create a special and unique ceremony that will truly celebrate the memories and time shared.