Holly Barrow

Unique in the UK, Holly Barrow is a place of remembrance, a place of silence and stillness

Completing the last rite of passage, and indeed the natural circle of life, Holly Barrow offers the possibility to rest at Dode peacefully. For anyone this is an incredible opportunity. For those that have been associated with Dode in their lives this is the fulfilment of a dream.

Holly Barrow is Dodes interpretation of the beautiful Long Barrows carefully constructed by our ancestors some 5000 years ago, ancient structures that are still revered and venerated today.

Nestling comfortably into the surrounding hillside and compromising five spacious circular chambers approached by a stone lined passageway aligned to the Beltane (Mayday) sunrise it contains a series of superbly constructed niches in which the ashes of those who have sadly now left us may rest peacefully under Mother Nature’s watchful and caring eye.

As you enter through the stone portal you are returning your loved ones to the good earth from which they came and which nourished & sustained them for their time here, as you leave you are surrounded by the beauties of nature upon which the modern world does not intrude - a sacred place indeed.