Restorative Qigong & Meditation Day with Christine

17th March 2024
  /  9:00 AM
  /  9:00 AM

For so many, Dode provides a place of reflection, a place to heal and to feel immersed in the energy within the churches walls….so we are excited to be able to offer a new experience hosted by Christine from Full Circle Ceremony & Holistic Therapies.

Join us on Sunday 17th March for a full Restorative Day. A day to refresh, release and restore mind, body and soul! The day will include a mixture Qigong in the church and outside if weather allows & meditation.

We will begin the day with a 1 hour Qigong session, bringing mind and body together and setting ourselves up for the day ahead. If the weather is fine, we will practise outside so we can appreciate the beautiful countryside around Dode Church, however, if cold or wet, we will practise in the Church.

After a short break, we will sit quietly in meditation around some of the themes from the Qigong session.

We will take a short, 30 minute break for lunch before moving onto a review of the main Qigong themes, which I will then offer as dance motifs for you to explore, play and work with in your own way. I will ensure that there is a safe structure in place, and set movements you can follow if you feel more comfortable, but also that for those who will embrace the freedom to move in their own way, there will be enough opportunity for you to create your own beautiful dance.

Draw the day to a close with a brief 10-15 meditation where you can assimilate your experience. Sharing on this at the very end is optional.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes suitable for Qigong and dance, flat, soft shoes or warm socks, a shawl or blanket for the meditation and bring a packed lunch.

Tea and a selection of herbal teas will be available at all break times.

Bring yourself with your heart, body and soul ready to move, and be moved.

Dode Church does provide a ramp for anyone in a wheelchair, but please be aware that the toilet facility is not fully accessible, please email me for more information as required.

For further details and to book and for payment details, please email