Gong Bath at the Lost Village of Dode

16th July 2023
  /  10:00 AM
  /  10:00 AM

Dode is more than an ancient building, for it is a far older place than perhaps we can imagine, it’s beginnings go back into the mist of time. If you walk into the meadow surrounding the building you will see that it is build on a substantial mound which is man-made. The hill which totally surrounds and shelters the building has been known from time immemorial as Holly Hill and it is approached by a narrow roadway which goes nowhere, its ancient name is Wrangling Lane. Here then are the clues to a site of deep antiquity, for Holly Hill is a corruption of Holy Hill and the name Wrangling Lane indicates that here on this mound may well be the site of a Moot or Meeting Place perhaps going back thousands of years.

The mound stands at the end of a ley-line which stretches to the east for some 10 miles, exactly upon this line stands three Pre-Reformation Churches, two Roman sites, a Bronze Age Burial Ground and two of the Medway Megaliths, the Coffin Stone and enigmatic Little Kits Coty.

For more information about Dode, please see the website here: http://www.dodevillage.com/about-dode/


What happens during a gong or sound bath?

There is no water involved in a gong bath. The word “bath” refers to the listener bathing in the sound and vibration of the gongs; the experience is like a sound massage and supports physical, emotional and mental healing and spiritual connection. Gong baths can support us to transform encumbered reactions and habits and help us to remain centred.

What do I do?

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and blanket if possible (I have some spare). Lie comfortably on your mat (preferably on your back with your feet towards the gongs), relax and enjoy the gong bath.

It is worth noting that each person is different and will have a different experience during a sound bath; you make experience visuals such as a dream-like state or seeing colours; you may experience temporary physical sensations as you undergo physical healing, for example tingling or becoming more acutely aware of areas where you are experiencing pain; You may experience different emotions, for example feeling blissful or tearful as you undergo deep emotional healing. All of this can depend on what you yourself are bringing to the session, physically and emotionally and mentally, but also depends on the specific gong being played as each gong has different qualities. Listening to the sounds of the gongs is generally a relaxing and meditative experience. However, it is possible that you may experience a dislike for a certain gong at a certain time. Usually this means you have healing to do in a certain area of your life, which this gong can help you with.


Whilst for the majority of people, a gong bath is a deeply healing, relaxing and restorative experience, there are some cases in which a gong bath may not be for you. For example, if you suffer from tinnitus or any sound related epilepsy; are in your first trimester of pregnancy; are currently or have been receiving medication for any form of psychological disorder within the last 6 months; have a pace maker or any metal plates in your body.


There is a bathroom in the Church. Please bring plenty of layers to stay warm and maybe a flask of chocolate or herbal tea for afterwards. In case of any allergies, please note that there is straw on the floor of the Church for decoration.


There is a limited amount of parking available at the Church. Where possible, please drive with friends.

If you have any questions at all, Please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact me at Phoenix.Gongs@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing you.

Love and light