Solstice Gong and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

20th June 2021 3.00pm
OUTDOORS Gong & Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Ellie and Hannah from Phoenix Gongs and Connected Resonance @ Lost Village Of Dode KENT UK.
Ellie and Hannah from Phoenix Gongs and Connected Resonance are co-creating to bring you Nada Sattva.
We invite you to join us for this Solstice Sound Bath combining the enchanting sounds of Gongs with Alchemy and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. This event is being held outside in beautiful Kent countryside, at a very special location, The Lost Village of Dode.
Please note, parking is very limited at the venue, so any opportunity you may have to car share is greatly encouraged! Thank you for your understanding.
Prior to our Sound Bath you also have the opportunity to join Simon Pollard from Simple Life Circle who will lead you on a countryside experience to explore ‘The 5 Senses’. This wonderful journey deep into nature will be starting at 10:00am and should you decide to treat yourself to a full day of delights, we are offering the super special price of £50.00 for the two offerings.
The Sound Bath Experience.
Bringing you into a relaxed, meditative state, the sound vibrations resonate on both an emotional and physical level, activating profound personal transformation, supporting deep cellular healing.
The pure sound helps restore and reinforce optimal physical health, creating a deep sense of grounding and balance, bringing inner peace and deepening spiritual connection, while helping you remain perfectly centred. Release unwanted stress, fear or anxiety and embrace more clarity, harmony and joy.
The sacred frequencies work to tune and balance the Chakra system, enhancing the flow of energy through these vital energy centres, raise your vibration and elevate your consciousness.
Helping to remove obstacles, the high vibrational sound experienced during the session supports the change of encumbered reactions and habits, enabling the release and transformation of stagnant, heavy energy. Clear emotional blockages, become more energised and confident, awaken courage and motivation to attain personal goals.
Gentle, yet powerful, we aim to take you on a sublime sound experience, a relaxing and restorative sonic journey, using the radiant light of healing that emanates from the Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls.
What happens during a sound bath?
There is no water involved, the word “bath” refers to the listener bathing in the sound and vibrations of the gongs and crystal singing bowls. The experience is like a sound massage, supporting physical, emotional and mental healing and spiritual connection.
What do I do?
Wear comfortable clothing and bring your own yoga or camping mat, plus a blanket and a bottle of water if possible. Lying comfortably on your mat, you will be relaxing fully to enjoy the enchantment of the sound bath.
It is worth noting that each person is different and will have a unique individual experience during a sound bath; you may experience visuals such as a dream-like state or seeing colours; you may experience temporary physical sensations as you undergo physical healing, for example tingling or becoming more acutely aware of areas where you are experiencing pain. You may experience different emotions, for example feeling blissful or tearful as you undergo deep emotional healing. All of this can depend on what you yourself are bringing to the session, physically, emotionally and mentally. Listening to the sounds of the gongs and the crystal singing bowls is generally a relaxing and meditative experience. However, it is possible that you may experience a dislike for a certain gong or crystal bowl at a certain time during the session. Usually this means you have healing to do in a certain area, which this gong or bowl can help with.
Whilst for the majority of people, a sound bath is a deeply healing, relaxing and restorative experience, there are some cases in which this may not be for you. For example, if you suffer from tinnitus or any sound related epilepsy; are in your first trimester of pregnancy; are currently or have been receiving medication for any form of psychological disorder within the last 6 months; have a pace maker or any metal plates in your body.
Covid Secure
Please note that while this event is taking place outdoors, we advise you to bring a face mask with you as a courtesy to others. Once you are on your mat, you may remove your mask for the session if you wish. Please sanitise your hands on arrival, we will have some available for your use. Please do not attend if you have Covid- like symptoms.
You will be asked to distance your mats from others, so please inform us if you will be attending with someone from the same household.
Personal Comfort
There may not be access to toilet facilities on site, so please do contact us if you need special consideration and we will try to accommodate.
If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We look forward to seeing you.
Love and light xxx
Uniting Individual and Divine Consciousness through the portal of Cosmic Sound. 
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