Dode Church

For over 9 centuries the spiritual center of Dode village, Dode church, has been a place of peace, worship, tolerance and respect. Shrouded in romance and history the church is the ideal place to for a truly unique ceremony.

Down a narrow path, entry is through a solid oak and iron studded door. Once inside, the ancient stone and flint walls and beautiful oak beamed ceiling all lit by candlelight and flaming torches will capture your imagination. The delightful smell of English herbs and straw laden floors will arouse a distant memory of a time when somehow life was simply more beautiful.

Dode church has been silently standing guard over its lost village for centuries and is the most appropriate place to celebrate the rites of passage in your journey through life.


Dode Church is perfect for a ceremony where tradition, intimacy and a link to the romance of the past are essential elements for your Wedding. The church is a sacred and highly spiritual environment but without religious restraints or connotations.

Imagine candle light flickering on the ancient stone walls. The smell of straw on the floors. The beautiful oak ceiling looking down on simple benches covered with warming rugs as your family and friends gather in this place of both worship and celebration.

Following the ceremony, you may want to take photographs in the grounds, making the most of Dode’s circle of ancient stones and beautiful secluded Valley.

Following photography, you are then welcome to return to the church which will have been transformed into a medieval banqueting hall for your wedding breakfast and evening of dancing and much merriment.

For the lucky ones the day may have started at Dode in one of our two award winning cottages, and there is always the opportunity to stay the night again.

This might be your first visit at Dode, however, it could be the beginning of a lifelong relationship with this truly unforgettable place.

We also celebrate Blessings, Renewal of Vowels, Humanist Ceremonies and Thanksgivings.

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Baby Naming

As the world becomes less connected spiritually some important traditions are slowly fading from our lives.

Traditionally the first step in the “rite of passage,” marking major milestones in a person’s life, the naming of a child also brings together family and close friends who promise to support and protect the child though life.

Here at Dode we recognise the importance of this part of life for all concerned. Therefore, at Dode Church we not only offer a truly unique environment from which to perform the baby naming ceremony, but also a place that will become important in your child’s life, where they may return to acknowledge and celebrate the major milestones in their life.

Dode has been here for centuries. It will always be here for them.

The Guardians of Dode are able to perform the ceremony although we encourage all of those who will take responsibility in the child’s journey to become involved.


Memorial Services

At a time of loss, it is the most natural thing in the world to want to connect to the past and consider our true place in the world. Here, this is truly possible.

In this beautiful valley, overlooked by the centuries, Dode provides an unequalled place to celebrate the life of a loved one. Within this ancient church you cannot help but feel closer to the mother earth. Its warmth. Its history. Its complete sense of calm, respect and dignity will allow you to say farewell in peace and harmony.

Memorials can be held on any day of the week and you are invited on Sunday afternoons between Easter until the end of October to remember the significance of a life that touched yours. Here, you will always remember them because here, their spirit has been released into the care of Dode to be nurtured in this special place until the end of time.

An experienced Celebrant will be available to liaise with and create a special and unique ceremony that will truly celebrate the memories and time shared.


Ollie's Garden

Forming a part of the beautiful grounds at The Lost Village of Dode in North West Kent, tucked away, secluded, surrounded by nature is a small area reserved for the quiet remembrance of our beloved pets.

Like so many meaningful things at Dode, a young barn owls arrival was unexpected, un-looked for but Ollie quickly became a much loved and admired member of our little team, delivering wedding rings with style and panache for some seven years. When, sadly, it was time to say our final goodbye a little memorial garden was created and gifted with the name of ‘Ollie's Garden’.

The loss of our pets, which after all are companions, friends, even work colleagues such as Ollie, touch us deeply and from time to time we have a need to remember the joy, comfort and companionship that they brought us.

Over the years Dode has become regarded by many as a ‘place to centre your life’, where better, surrounded by the woods & fields of our beautiful valley to lovingly scatter the ashes of your pets and occasionally return, quietly to sit and to recall shared time upon our good earth.

Prices start from £200 for scattering of ashes.