Welcome to Dode Church at The Lost Village of Dode

A historic, hidden Norman Church, in the heart of the Kent countryside, a special and unique place for ‘rights of passage’ including humanist Weddings, Baby Namings & Memorials.

In an almost forgotten valley between Luddesdown and Holly Hill, nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside, there stands an ancient sacred Norman church – the only trace of the now ‘lost’ village of Dode.

This unique, lovingly restored, church, located within an amazing setting, is available for exclusive intimate and private weddings, baby namings, memorials and events for up to 42 people…

Dode was voted in the Independent as being one of the country’s 50 best Civil Wedding venues.

Dode is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and sought after Wedding venues in Kent.

Its unique marriage room, built over 900 years ago is small in scale and suitable for parties of up to a maximum of only 40 guests, people that are truly special to you as a couple.

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