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  • A Wedding co-ordinator, to help you book and plan your special day
  • The Instagram-perfect church and grounds, will be exclusively yours on the day
  • Free parking for bridal party cars
  • A rehearsal of your ceremony either within the Norman Church or amongst The Ancient Stones. We believe this is a really important aspect of our wedding package, special to the Lost Village of Dode, so ensuring your day goes to plan
  • Our in-house photographer to capture those all-important moments of your special day
  • Seasonal flowers of your choice in the two urns adjacent to the ceremony area
  • Staff to turn your venue around from a ceremony into your evening Wedding Breakfast
  • A food tasting
  • A two course Wedding Breakfast – a feast that will become legendary amongst your nearest and dearest
  • In-house sound system to play music of your choice
  • A closed and private Facebook account, where we share inspiration from all around the world and you can ask questions confidently in the knowledge that they are not going public
  • If you are holding a Civil Ceremony at the Lost Village of Dode we will reserve your wedding date with Kent County Council An opportunity to book the Cottages, though these are subject to availably.
  • An opportunity to book our superb on-site Cottages, perfect for the bridal party ( subject to availably).

"Beautiful retreat. Relaxing with plenty of walks. Everything we needed was there. Enchanting stay. No Wi-fi no phone use. A tonic and and escape from the hustle and bustle. Such a refreshing stay. Will treasure the memory forever. Thank you.

Maxine, London