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Maybe it’s the stunning architecture, the sense of tradition, or how special churches or chapels feel that draws you to such buildings? But, a traditional church ceremony is just too religious for you or your loved one, whilst a civil ceremony just doesn’t feel spiritual enough? Here at the Lost Village of Dode the former Norman Church enables you an amazing opportunity to ‘have and to hold’ the best of both worlds, in that the ancient and sacred building allows you to have all of the tradition and the beauty, all under one magnificent roof, but without the religious restraints or connotations.

This ancient place of worship, now a licensed wedding venue, enables you to get married in a quaint, lovingly preserved, medieval former church but, and importantly, it enables you to book a non-religious Civil Ceremony or Partnership, followed by your Wedding Reception and Wedding Drinks in a church.

To enter the small free-standing church, you push open a gorgeous large dark oak door, hinged with beautiful decorative iron work. As you enter the atmospheric building you can’t help but think about and touching the life’s of those people who lived and worshipped at Dode so long ago, it’s like walking back into a medieval time capsule. As they were in the Middle Ages, strewing herbs are scattered over the flagstone flooring, the combination of plants including Lavender give the building a fragrant smell, reminiscent of a warm summer evening.

The interior is atmospherically illuminated with flickering torches. Flanking the central walkway to the nave there are carved oak wooden benches, covered with warming rugs, on which your guests sit during the ceremony that then become the seating during your ‘Medieval’ Wedding breakfast after which you can end the evening with dancing and much merriment.

With all our knowledge and experience, along with our carefully chosen, suppliers the Friends of the Lost Village of Dode, we have created a Wedding Package to ensure you are getting the very best value for money, the best quality service, whilst working with a passionate team that will help create your ideal ‘I do’.

After booking your Civil ceremony we at The Lost Village of Dode will organise your paperwork with the registration department once your booking is formally complete, thus removing any unnecessary hassle from the planning of your big day.

"Beautiful retreat. Relaxing with plenty of walks. Everything we needed was there. Enchanting stay. No Wi-fi no phone use. A tonic and and escape from the hustle and bustle. Such a refreshing stay. Will treasure the memory forever. Thank you.

Maxine, London